The Unsettled Co.

Inspired by the wild in all of us.

Live unsettled, loves. Your spirit will thank you.
— Epiphany Michele Huffman

The Idea

Born from a love of essential oils and empowering women, Epiphany Michele Huffman created The Unsettled Co. to provide fellow girl bosses with toxic-free fragrances that empower their spirits and inspire their senses.

Tired of other fragrances stirring up her allergies or bringing on headaches, she started crafting her own. People noticed, commenting how beautiful her scents were, and thus the idea was born to expand this love into a full-on passion business.

Inspire + Connect

Each season a new signature fragrance is revealed. Inspired by the seasons and international travels, we here at The Unsettled Co. aim to make each bottle a new adventure. From the design, to the ingredients, to the “confetti” in a bottle, every step is intentionally selected to provide a fun, new experience.

We also love collaborating with fellow female owned businesses to create fragrances unique to them. Check out our first two collabs here: URBN + WOODS

100% Handmade

Each batch is handcrafted in Winston Salem, NC using high-quality ingredients and a lot of love. Essential oil powered, Epiphany personally selects oils that support you in your girl boss lifestyle.